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Terrain Sculptor
A new utility to sculpt the terrain near airport and elsewhere for use in Microsoft Flight Simulator (FS9 and FSX)and Prepar3D (Versions 1 and 2).

Terrain Sculptor

Making your Airport Look More Like the Real Thing

Terrain Sculptor is a utility to assist you in creating undulations in your Microsoft Flight Simulator and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D (collectively "FlightSim") terrain near your airport (or anywhere else) representative of the real world. While other more-general-purpose tools, such as sBuilder and sBuilderX also do this, Terrain Sculptor's user interface is tailored for this specific function and much of the "grunt-work" required by those other tools is done for you. Instead of drawing every sloped poly, Terrain Sculptor uses a single point where the polys intersect. And, instead of hand-crafting individual triangles to mate with the existing mesh, Terrain Sculptor slews the user aircraft along a boundary you specify (with a few points), recording the mesh elevation and automatically creating these blend triangles for you.

Terrain Sculptor can operate stand-alone and create sculpted terrain files from scratch, or it can import data from sBuilder, sBuilderX and ADE (ADE not yet implemented) to enhance their capabilities.

Terrain Sculptor's Main Panel

The bulk of the Main Panel it is occupied by:

  • green dots - flatten nodes outlining the horizontal flattens; there may be any number of such flattens (in this image, the large flatten is for the airport; the smaller ones to the west are parking lots and other level areas)
  • green crosses - sculpt nodes, i.e. elevation points; you may specify as many as you like and in whatever configuration you prefer (individual points, along contour lines, etc.); and
  • blue dots - blend nodes, named so because they outline where the contoured area is to blend with the existing mesh.
  • The little blue cross near the center is the user aircraft.

    While not shown in this image, you may also "cut" holes in flattens where you could place another smaller, lower flatten as a pond or add additional sculpt nodes to create depressions or small hills.

    Nodes may be placed directly with the mouse cursor or using Flightsim. For the latter, the user aircraft is slewed using either (or both) the Main Panel or Flightsim controls followed by the Place Node at A/C function. Once the terrain contour is complete, Terrain Sculptor will slew the user aircraft along the blend outline, record a profile of the mesh elevation and add additional profile points where significant changes of slope occur.

    Finally, Terrain Sculptor will triangulate the contoured area and export the result directly to FlightSim (FS9 not yet implemented) or (back) to ADE (not yet implemented) or sBuilder/sBuilderX for later output.

    Display After Triangulation

    (The pink dots are the profile nodes, the isolated ones having been automatically added by Terrain Sculptor.)

    Sculpting the terrain around (and on) your airport has never been easier!

    The current release of Terrain Sculptor is 1.2.09. Please check the Status & Known Issues page for known issues, patches and update information.

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