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Static Aircraft .mdl Maker
A .NET-based application that converts Microsoft Flight Simulator FS8, FS9 and FSX flyable aircraft models and AI models into FS9 and FSX scenery models.

Static Aircraft .mdl Maker

Tired of having to program AI (and suffer the overhead) just to have some "eye candy" sitting around your airport. No more! Static Aircraft .mdl Maker ("SAMM") will convert just about any Microsoft Flight Simulator or Lockheed Martin Prepar3D (Collectively "FlightSim") flyable or AI aircraft into a FS9, FSX oe P3D scenery model. Just "point" SAMM to the aircraft you wish to convert, decide where to save the scenery file and, presto, "eye candy".

Version 2 of SAMM (Latest Release from the menu to the left):

  • creates static models of FS8, FS9, FSX and P3D aircraft (the latter two require the applicable SDK be installed),
  • has an integrated model viewer,
  • converts static models of FlightSim version aircraft for use with any other version (requires access to the SDKs),
  • supports a number of texture processing features utilizing Martin Wright's graphics processing .dlls if installed,
  • allows custom shadow generation to minimize FPS impact, and
  • supports local libraries of aircraft.

    Some Version 2 features operate differently from their Version 1 counterparts. So all those upgarding from Version 1 are encouraged to review at least the first half of the User Manual. Please note also that static models created with Version 1 are not compatible with Version 2. If you wish to retain/update models created with SAMM Version 1, you should install Version 2 to to a separate folder.

    SAMM's Main Panel

    Creating a static model is as simple as 1, 2, 3:

    1. specify the set of aircraft folders containing the model of interest
    2. click the Select button beside the Aircraft Folder textbox and navigate to the aircraft of interest
    3. if more than one version of that aircraft exists, select the desired aircraft title from the Title combobox.

    You can create models in a variety of poses, for example:

    • gear up or down (if the gear retracts)
    • engines running or off (FS8/9 aircraft only)
    • doors open or closed
    • flaps deployed or not
    and so on. You get the picture!

    Once the model(s) are created, you can place them individually using the built-in placement function, or create a library of models for placement by one of the many available object placement utilities.

    Unfortunately, not every aircraft model converts using the default settings. If one of yours doesn't and there's no alternative, SAMM includes a set of "Tools" for determining what is the problem and allows you to set individual aircraft parameter values to correct the situation.

    SAMM is compatible with P3D v5 to the extent it will convert aircraft resident in PV5 folders. However, no new conversion cababilities have been added to address new capabilities of PV5.

    The current release of Static Aircraft .mdl Maker is Version Please check the Status & Known Issues page for known issues, patches and update information.

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