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MipMap Manager

Current Release: 0.06


Mipmap Manager is a utility to add or remove mipmaps from a set of textures. It uses Martin Wright's mwgfx.dll and mwdll.dll, which are the same .dlls required by DXTbmp and other of Martin's utilities. (If you have not previously installed these. dlls, you may obtain them at no charge from Thanks to Martin both for creating the .dlls and making available the development information to me.

Mipmap Manager's User Interface

The operation of Mipmap Manager is straightforward. Start MipmapManager.exe. Specify the source folder (i.e., the folder where the textures to be processed reside), either check Update Source or specify a destination folder, indicate whether mipmaps are to be added or deleted and click Process Textures. If you wish to process only a single file or a subset of the files in the source folder, also specify a mask (using standard Windows® wildcard characters) to define the file(s) of interest.


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