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Airfield Lights Toolbox
AFLT creates and edits BGL_LIGHTS-based airfield lights for use in Microsoft Flight Simulator (FS9 and FSX) and Prepar3D (Versions 1 and 2).

Airfield Lights Toolbox

AFLT Version 3 Now Available (P3Dv4-Compatible)

Making your Airport Look More Like the Real Thing

Airfield Lights Toolbox (or AFLT for short) is a comprehensive utility for the creation of standard airfield lights and airfield light arrays for Microsoft Flight Simulator and Prepare3D airports. It includes 3D models for a variety of light fixtures (runway/taxiway edge and centerline lights, runway threshold/end split lights, obstruction lights and beacons, PAPI/VASIs, wigwags and various approach light configurations) from which you should be able to create just about any airfield light arrangement. If you don't like the 3D models provided (typical at Canadian airports), you can replace them with your own. AFLT generates complete approach and threshold light arrays (including strobes) based on simple text configuration files. As well, pilot-control of airfield lighting is fully implemented.

Depending on the version of Flightsim with which it is to be used, the light source in AFLT's light models may be either BGL_LIGHTs, effects or 3-plane textured objects (P3D only). AFLT's effects use inverse mipmaps) and the size of the 3-plane objects varies inversely with the LOD, thus providing visible ranges far greater that would otherwise be possible.

AFLT's Main Panel is shown below. Simply fill in the blanks and your custom light is generated, ready for placement (after it's added to a model library). Library generation is essentially automatic. Just tell AFLT what models you want included and to where you want the models saved. The rest is done for you.

Airfield Lights Toolbox Main Panel

But, the "magic" is in approach light array generation. Just select the pattern you want, tell AFLT where you want the .bgl file saved and click "Go". You don't even need to have generated the models to be included. AFLT does that for you. AFLT includes definition files for most common approach lighting systems. Whether you want a simple ODALS system of a full ALSF-2 configuration, all you need do to use them is add a single line (plain text) to specify the reference point (usually the center of the runway threshold the light array is to "service"). Of course, you are free to otherwise edit the sample files or add your own.

All AFLT generated lights can include a full or partial implementation of pilot-controlled lighting.

Generating and placing airfield lights in FlightSim has never been easier!

The current release of Airfield Lights Toolbox is 3.1.03. Please check the Status & Known Issues page for known issues, patches and update information.

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