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Potential Issues Common to Several or All My Airports

Compatibility with ORBX PNW: While all my airports are compatibe with Orbx PNW (once ORBX compatibility has been set up - please see the User Manual), how ORBX PNW is installed can have major implications. Traditionally, ORBX installers place the ORBX products at the top of the Scenery Library. This means that, whatever other airport addons you have installed, the ORBX version takes precedence. This would then manifast as the ORBX airfield supplemented by scenery objects from the addon. This is particularly obvious in several of my airports where I have adjusted the position of runways and taxiways to their real-life position, (ORBX appears to still use Flightsim stock positions for runways and taxiways) and apron/taxiway markings are clearly out of place.

Until recently, this could usually be overcome by increasing the priority of the other addons in the Scenery Library to be higher than ORBX. I say usually because, on occasion, the ORBX version of the airport still took precedence and it was necessary to find and delete/disable the ORBX airport files. However, starting with PV4, ORBX adopted a new, optional "Library" installation method which does not involved the Scenery Library. Nonetheless, the ORBX products are still at the highest priority, a situation not easily undone other than by disabling ORBX completely. So, if when you load one of my airports and markings appear out of place, aprons are missing or the runways have edge lines, you are probaly looking at an ORBX airport. The solution is to adjust the Scenery Library or find and disable the corresponding airport .bgls in the ORBX Library by locating the folder ORBX\FTX_NA\FTX_NA_PNW05_SCENERY\scenery and disabling the following files by suffixing their filenames with ".xxx":

  • ADE_FTX_PNW_xxxx_yyyyyy.bgl, and
  • ADE_FTX_PNW_xxxx_yyyyyy_CVX.bgl

where "xxxx" and "yyyyyy" is the ICAO identifier and the name of the airport respectively.

"Bouncy" Runvways and Taxiways - P3Dv4 Some P3Dv4 users of my airports have reported that the user aircraft bounces along the taxiways and runways. While no specific cause for this has been found, it has been discovered that the issue can be resolved by obtaining the P3Dv3 version of the files (from the same download folder):

  • ADE_CYYJ_701 (Custom Lights)_P3Dv3.bgl, and/or
  • ADE_CYYJ_701 (Stock Lights)_P3Dv3.bgl

and using them to replace their P3Dv4 counterparts in the CYYJ (or whatever)\scenery folder

Custom Airfield Lighting in Prepar3D v3 and 4: The method of implementation of custom airfield lighting in P3Dv3+ differs from earlier releases. In earlier releases, switching between custom lighting and stock lighting required only switching airport definition files in the Addon Scenery folder. However, in P3Dv3+, custom lighting uses simobjects controlled by files in the folder Documents\Prepar3D v3 (or 4) Add-0ns/AFLT for P3D. Once enabled, to turn off custom lighting requires that the relevant files in AFLT for P3D be disabled/deleted, and vice-versa - or re-install.

Custom Airfield Lighting Doesn't Turn On in Low-Visibility Conditions: Neither FS9, FSX nor P3D provides any mechanism for scenery models to test visibility, Consequently, custom airfield lights are not automatically illuminated in daytime low visibility conditions. If you want airfield lights during the day, select code 0066 on your transponder.

HTAI Cessnas as AI: A step is missing from the user manuals. You must also copy the relevant aircraft.cfg files from the HTAI package, as well as the .air file and Model folder. Insert the contents of the provided AircraftCfg_Stub.txt files into the applicable aircraft.cfg file immediately following the last [Fltsim.xx] block. Change the "0" in first line of the inserted "stub", i.e.,"[fltsim.0]" to the lowest number that does not conflict with [Fltsim.xx] numbers already assigned in the aircraft.cfg file. Aternately, discard the [Fltsim.0] block from the aircraft.cfg file and replace it with the contents of the "stub" file.

FSX DX10 Preview Mode: FSX DX10 Preview Mode users may find entire blocks of airfield lights, including lighted taxi signs disappearing and re-appearing as they pan around the airport or approach from different directions. The DX10 Fixer patch will correct this issue. Otherwise, my airports all seem compatible with DX-10 Preview Mode for daytime flying. However, for nighttime flying you'll need Steve Parson's DX10 Fixer installed to see the ground/apron illumination and to correct other deficiencies in the basic DX10 implementation.

Installer: Using the installer to update the Scenery Library on systems that use certain non-English versions of Windows may result in reports of missing scenery items when FlightSim is next run. This is due to some non-English characters being converted to "?" when the Scenery Library is re-written. Should this occur, restore the Scenery Library ("scenery.cfg") to its previous state (the installer will have made a backup file named "scenery.cfg.bak" - unless you overrode that feature) and, then, add the necessary Scenery Library items for the new airport in the usual manner. This issue does not appear to affect the English version of Windows, regardless of the language/regional settings.

The installer is a Microsoft NET.Framework 3.5 application. If NET.Framework is not installed on your computer, you'll receive an error message as soon as you try to execute the installer. The NET.Framework redistributable may be downloaded from the Microsoft website at no charge.

Depending on the configuration of your computer, in particular, the location of Flight Simulator, you may require administrator privileges in order to run the installer. If you're having difficulties and are not logged on as administrator, or with administrator privileges, please try that before giving up.

Some users may experience a "The installation archive is incomplete or corrupt." or similar error message. The installation archive must not be modified in any way prior to installation.

Finally, Windows 7 and other 64-bit system users who do not run the installer in the XP compatibility mode will receive a "this program may not have installed correctly" message upon closing the installer. Despite the error message, the installation completes normally and the message may be safely ignored.

Troubleshooting: Before reporting a problem/issue, please check the airport's Status/Known Issues page to see if it has alreadly been reported. Then, if it's a new problem/issue, please confirm that it is actually caused by the airport scenery.

To do so, in your Scenery Library disable all other add-ons that cover southwestern British Columbia and/or Vancouver Island or that otherwise may interact with the airport scenery/AI. If the problem/issue remains, the airport scenery/AI is likely the culprit and you can report it using the link below or at the bottom of every Status/Known Issues page. If the problem/issue goes away, re-enable the other add-ons one at a time until the problem/issue again appears. Then, disable the airport add-on. If the problem/issue once again disappears, the airport scenery is likely at least partly at fault and, as before, you should report it. But, if the problem persists with the airport disabled, you should contact the author of the other package.

You may report a problem/issue using THIS LINK. Remember, a picture is ofen worth 1000 words. So, please consider attaching one or more screenshots showing what you think is wrong.

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