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Terrain Sculptor Pro
A new utility to design, manage and sculpt the terrain near airport and elsewhere for use in Microsoft Flight Simulator (FS9 and FSX)and Prepar3D (all versions).

Terrain Sculptor Pro

Current Release:

Making your Airport Look More Like the Real Thing

Terrain Sculptor Pro (TS Pro) is a utility to assist you in creating undulations in and otherwise making your Microsoft Flight Simulator and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D (collectively "FlightSim") terrain near your airport (or anywhere else) more representative of the real world. While other more-general-purpose tools, such as sBuilder and sBuilderX also do some of this, TS Pro's user interface is tailored for these specific functions and much of the "grunt-work" required by those other tools is done for you. Instead of requiring you to draw every sloped poly individually, TS Pro allows you to place a single node where the polys will intersect and to specify the elevation of this point. And, instead of hand-crafting individual blending triangles to mate with the existing mesh, Terrain Sculptor slews the user aircraft along a boundary you specify (with a few points), recording the mesh elevation and automatically creating these blend triangles for you.

But, that's not all. Terrain Sculptor Pro reads TDF, LWM and CVX terrain .bgls as well as .sbx files generated by sBuilder and sBuilder. Of course, you can also start terrain projects from scratch either by specifying a lat/lon position or identifying an airport .bgl. In the latter case, the project opens with an image of the airport in the background. TS Pro allows you to define and manipulate any valid FS9, FSX or P3D terrain element and compiles any set of terrain element for either FS9 or FSX, substituting equivalent terrrain elements as necessary.

All Terrain Sculptor Pro's functions are initiated from and the display is controlled from the Main Panel.

Terrain Sculptor Pro's Main Panel

The default colours used by TS Pro are those defined in the FSX/P3D Terrain.cfg file. You can change those colors to suit your own needs, either temporarily or permanently. You can also change the color of individual elements. The display of various classes of data, e.g., streams, roads, flattens, etc? may be suppressed. Optional tooltips are available for every element. The texture assigned to each terrain element is displayed upon selection. Terrain element positions may be specified either by user aircraft position (TS Pro communicates with Flightsim via either FSUIPC or SimConnect, as available) or cursor position. For the latter, FS Pro uses a "hot cursor", i.e., once you've specified the starting position for an element, additional nodes are specified simply by repositioning and left-clicking. TS Pro allows you to load a background image as reference. For example, when adding or moving roads, it is often helpful to have stock roads as reference. You may copy elements from the background to the foreground (i.e., your data) and exclude existing data by placing the cursor over an element in the background and right-clicking. In addition to a background of terrain elements, if you are working near an airport, you can also display an image of that airport.

For a fuller description of Terrain Sculptor Pro's capabilities, please download the user manual from the menu to the left.

Sculpting the terrain around (and on) your airport has never been easier!

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