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Texture Manager

Current Release: 1.12

Version 1.12 Released


Texture Manager ("TM") is a utility for converting compressed and uncompressed image files between formats used for, or as a source for, Microsoft Flight Simulator scenery textures. The conversion medium is Martin Wright's mwgfx.dll and mwdll.dll, which are the same .dlls required by DXTbmp and other of Martin's utilities. (If you have not previously installed these. dlls, you may obtain them at no charge from Thanks to Martin both for creating the .dlls and making available the development information to me.

Texture Manager's User Interface

Texture Manager will convert a single file, all the files in a folder and its subfolders, and many steps in between. It processes both standard Windows® .bmp files and .tga files. Compressed texture files may be converted back to their Windows® 24-bit equivalent (though such conversions may result in a reduction in image quality). As well, among other things, you may resize textures, add or eliminate mipmaps or list files showing their format, mipmap status, etc.

As stated elsewhere, all my airport scenery developments are for both FS9 and FSX. Before TM, when I created or modified a texture, I had to convert it twice - a compressed .bmp for FS9 and a compressed .dds for FSX, inverting the image for the latter. If there was an _LM version of the texture, that was two more conversions. And, if the texture had a alpha channel, that added a couple more steps in each conversion. With Texture Manager and appropriately named source image files, all I need do is "point" to the folder containing the source files, check the version of Flightsim of interest and click the Process Textures button. TM does the rest. If certain files in the folder need special processing, Texture Manager can accommodate this wirh the use of small "control" files.


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