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CYYJ (2017)
A FlightSim FS9/FS2004 and FSX add-on providing accurate, detailed coverage of the Victoria, British Columbia, Canada International Airport and surrounding area including the Canadian Coast Guard and floatplane complex at nearby Pat Bay and the adjacent industrial parks. It is compatible with both versions of Ultimate Terrain, BC Roads and EVI Shorelines for FS9 and Orbx's FTX PNW for FSX.

CYYJ (2017)

CYYJ (2017)'s Victoria International Airport

CYYJ (2017) portrays the Victoria (British Columbia, Canada) International Airport (CYYJ) and surrounding area, including the Coast Guard complex at nearby Pat Bay and the McDonald Industrial Park. CYYJ (2017) is compatible with all versions of Flightsim, and can be installed standalone or as a suplement to Jon Patch’s and Holger Sandmann’s Victoria+ FSX. (The installer will update the earlier version of CYYJ incorporated in Vic+ FSX.)

CYYJ is my "flagship" airport. In addition to all the standard features, CYYJ (2017) includes:

  • over 100 buildings and airfield structures
  • "wig-wags" at all Runway 09/27 intersections
  • individually-modeled and precisely-placed taxiway, runway, threshold and approach lights and PAPIs
  • realistic terrain profiles at both ends of Runway 09/27 (including the hedge on approach to 27) and on the approach to Runway 13
  • the Victoria Flying Club C152s and C172s custom painted in their actual “colors”(requires the HTAI Single-Prop Cessna package)
  • static models of the vintage aircaft on display at the BC Air Museum
  • a variety of military aircraft, "bisjets", courier aircraft and GA as operating AI
  • a representative selection of military and civilian helicopters and GA static models
  • with the BC Regional AI package, airline traffic and gate utilization based on actual schedules
  • an exquisitely-detailed CCGS Sir Wilfred Laurier moored at the Coast Guard dock
  • compatibility with BC Roads and EVI Shorelines (FS9 only).

It doesn't get much better than that!

The current release of CYYJ (2017) is Version 7.06. Please check the Status & Known Issues page for known issues, patches and update information.

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