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FenceBuilder PRO
A graphical, multi-purpose object placement tool, designed primarily for creating and placing ground-hugging fences, walls, hedges and the like for use with Microsoft Flight Simulator versions FS2004 (aka FS9) and FSX.

FenceBuilder PRO

Status and Known Issues

Current Release: Version 2.1

Issues/Problems in Current Release:

It has been reported that FenceBuilder Pro fences suppress autogen placed with SDK Annotater in FSX. Base autogen generated by FSX is not affected, so most users do not experience this problem. But, if it affects you and you wish to correct the situation, try the following:

  • Open with Notepad or another text editor the .xml file named project_FSX in the FenceBuilder PRO Projects sub-folder for your project.
  • Perform a replace operation on each instance of "<LibraryObject" in the file, replacing it with:
    "<NoAutogenSuppression/> <LibraryObject".
  • Save the file and submit it to the FSX BGL compiler bglcomp.exe (normally located on the FSX SDK folder \Environment Kit\BGL Compiler SDK). If successfuly compiled, the .BGL file of the same name in the same sub-folder will be updated.
  • Copy that .BGL file to the applicable \scenery folder.

Support Forum: FenceBuilder PRO's support forum is located area at Please direct your problem reports and suggestions for improvement there. But, before reporting a problem/issue, please check to see if it has previously been reported. As well, the "stickys" at the top of forum highlight potential difficulties caused by other software/add-ons that may be contributing to your difficulty.

When you report problems, please include all relevant details. The exact error message that you received (if applicable) and a summary of what you were doing at the time are likely to be particularly helpful. Depending on the nature of the problem, please consider attaching a screenshot.

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