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AI Flight Planner
A fully-integrated, TTools-format compatible AI flight planning tool for Microsoft Flight Simulator, both FS9 and FSX versions, - from stock and add-on airport data collection through flight plan preparation and editing to traffic .bgl compilation/de-compilation. Includes a complete flight plan subsetting capability as well as FS9 to FSX file conversion.

AI Flight Planner

Status and Known Issues

Current Release: Version

Issues/Problems in Current Release: - No Issues reported.

Installation of AIFP - All files contained in the AI Flight Planner download archive file must be unzipped and placed in the same folder and AI Flight Planner must be executed from there. Some users have attempted to execute AI Flight Planner from the downloaded archive. This will not work! (The operating system will unzip the executable and save it to a temporary system file - seperated from the balance of the files - resulting in an exception indicating missing files being thrown.) Do not attempt to execute AI Flight Planner from the download archive.

Windows® Regional Options - AI Flight Planner may "hang" or otherwise not respond properly when using a Windows® regional option that uses a space as a decimal seperator. Since TTools lat/lon format includes strategic spaces, a space cannot reliably be interpreted as a decimal seperator.

AI Flight Planner is "freeware". As such, support is limited. However, I will respond to your queries/problem reports - at least with an acknowledgement - and make a reasonable attempt to resolve any problems reported. Please do not report problems/issues in other than the latest release.

Support Forum: AI Flight Planner's support forum is located area at Please direct your problem reports and suggestions for improvement there. But, before reporting a problem/issue, please check to see if it has previously been reported. As well, the "stickys" at the top of forum highlight potential difficulties caused by other software/add-ons that may be contributing to your difficulty.

When you report problems, please include all relevant details. The exact error message that you received (if applicable) and a summary of what you were doing at the time are likely to be particularly helpful. Depending on the nature of the problem, please consider attaching a screenshot and/or the problem flight plan or traffic file.

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We welcome your questions, comments and suggestions regarding this website and the "stuff" available from it. Please feel free to contact us. In particular, please report any problems you experience with the add-ons, applications and utilities.