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CYQQ (2010)
A FlightSim FS9 and FSX and Prepar3D add-on providing accurate, detailed coverage of CFB Comox and nearby facilities. It is compatible with both versions of Ultimate Terrain and Orbx's FTX PNW for FSX.

CYQQ (2010)

Status and Known Issues

Current Release: Version 2.07

Issues/Problems in Current Release: - No Issues reported.

Applies to Issue Workaround/Update
P3Dv3/4 Use of custom lighting causes Simconnect to "missbehave" when the first lights come on (at dusk or under pilot control) resulting in a crash of the user aircraft. Download and install Patch 1.

Issues/Problems in Earlier Versions (All fixed in Version 2.04)

Applies to Issue Workaround/Update
P3D Users only P3Dv2 requires an airport ADE file update Download and install ADEUpdates_P3Dv2. Includes all my airports
FSX only The archive available from the download sites contains a extra file (obj_FlightLine.bgl)that has resulted in user aircraft crashes when taxiing along the main flight line on some systems. Delete obj_FlightLine.bgl from your FSX CYQQ\scenery folder. (Do not delete obj_FlightLine_X.bgl by mistake; it is required.
FS9 There is a gap in the taxiway between the CVAC apron and 442 SAR Squadron Hangar. Download V12-Patched

CYQQ (2010) is "freeware". As such, support is limited. However, I will respond to your queries/problem reports - at least with an acknowledgement - and make a reasonable attempt to resolve any problems reported. Please do not report problems/issues in other than the latest release.

Should you wish to report a problem or other issue in CYQQ (2010), please use THIS LINK. But, before doing so, please confirm that CYQQ (2010) really is at fault by selectively enabling/disabling other add-ons in your Scenery Library that may interact with CYQQ (2010) to see if the symptoms change. And, remember, a picture is often worth 1000 words. So, don't be shy about attaching one or more screenshots.

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We welcome your questions, comments and suggestions regarding this website and the "stuff" available from it. Please feel free to contact us. In particular, please report any problems you experience with the add-ons, applications and utilities.